FlatyBot is an external bot for the official version of Dofus 2. FlatyBot allows to automate all kinds of repetitive actions in game. The most frequent examples are bots gathering resources or making fights, but the possibilities are many.

There are different types of bots software. The external type is the longest and most complicated to develop, which explains why there have only been 2 bots of this type in the 15 years of the game. It consists in not modifying your dofus game in order not to need to bypass the anti-bot protections set up. Despite its complexity, FlatyBot has been developed for more than a year by two students passionate about computer science. It is currently the only public Dofus 2 bot software that is not affected by the anti-bots implemented by Ankama.

FlatyBot's documentation is a very powerful tool that allows you to learn how to use the software correctly. It also includes many tips and explanations about bots in general.

The answer is yes, without even knowing where you come from and your background.

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